5 Items Every TeacherspayTeachers Product Should Have

  1. Cover Page: As straightforward yet eye-catching as you can get it.  
  2. Thank You Page: Typically follows your cover page and credits the source of your fonts, graphics, borders, and backgrounds. On that note, be very selective about the images you use. If they aren't yours you have to credit them. If they aren't for commercial use you cannot use them. Be aware of this from the start and save yourself the hassle down the line.
  3. Instructions: How do I use your product? Do you have extra pictures of the product in use?
  4. Copyright: In depth copyright information either included on your thank you page or the last page of your product. Also, include copyright information on every page of your product. (Copyright 2012, Miss. Whimsy)
  5. A Great Price: Scroll to the bottom of the TpT homepage to see who is currently a top seller and compare the size of your product to theirs. How much would you pay for your own product? Also, consider the time you spent creating the product. For more ideas click Here and scroll to her bullet points.
  • BONUS: Table of Contents and/or Closing Page: The first is subjective to the type of products you are selling. A Table of Contents would obviously be more suited to a lengthy product or used to make your buyer's experience better. A closing page is helpful to say thank you again and link to your blog, social media and other places your buyers can find you. I also like to encourage buyers to leave feedback and follow my store.
Further reading: TpT Newsletter Archives. Also, check out Top 12 TpT Tips and Tricks.

Good luck!

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