What's New in the Life of Miss. Whimsy?

Well, school started a little over two weeks ago and I have been busy adapting to a new schedule. I have taken on the job of Special Education Para Professional and schedules have been changing incessantly! Talk about kids needing structure and routine- I need it too! But with classroom teachers, special educators, and therapists needing scheduling time it will take another week or so to get everyone's schedules in order. I look forward to that day!

Other than that, I have been enjoying getting to know my students though it has been a challenge beginning instruction right away. Is it just me or can't we give young kids a few days to acclimate them back into the routine of school? Why slam them with so much instruction the first week? Change is hard! I think in my ideal world we would be able to take our time teaching students the routines of school and then slowly adding in more academic instruction time. Keyword being: slowly. But, that's just me.

I know that this job will prove to be a great and always needed learning experience for me as I wait for a classroom of my own. However, I can't pretend that I am not still hopeful that something could open up for me as I work. I have been looking in Virginia (I currently live/work in CT) because my sister and boyfriend live in the area. It seems like jobs are scarce there as well though. Or maybe it's because I am applying late in the game?

What are your thoughts? If you were in my shoes would you continue looking elsewhere while you worked as a SpEd Para? Are there other states I should look into? I am open to moving, if only for a classroom home.