Here's to a Happy New School Year

As the summer progresses one pressing thought has been weighing on my mind: where will I teach?

Looking for a job as a teacher in our current economy has been a frustrating and intensely heart breaking experience. I long to have my own classroom and students that I can call my own for an entire school year. I long to build relationships with my students and co-workers. I desire a permanent home so that my students, past and present, can always find me. With all my hopes and dreams, teaching has always been my number one.

I pray that my challenges in the past will soon be rewarded. I pray that I can finally educate, inspire, and love a classroom full of students from this coming school year and every subsequent school year.

Best wishes for all my fellow educators. And may good things come to those who have waited..and waited...and waited.

First Day of Summer School!

With a boy-dominated rising-kindergarten literacy class I am happy to say that I made it alive! I've got a rambunctious group this year but I have a balance of outgoing and introverted personalities so I think I'll be OK.

I always try to be extra cautious and structured on the first day of summer school. I realize that the first impression, activity, smile, ect. make a BIG deal with little ones. I also wanted to make sure that I took what I learned from last year (since I'm teaching the same class) and improve. Here's what I changed:

  • Quick 5 minute group bathroom break before recess. (last year I had them go with a buddy. Keep in mind we are located in a large high school due to space availability in the elementary schools). If they have to go, great. If not, they know when the time is available to them and they ALL learn where the bathroom is since we go at the same time, same location, everyday!
  • Morning GAME during circle time. We play this game called Alphabet Mix-Up with these circle ABC mats I purchased at Lakeshore last year. They and especially I like this game because it gives them an opportunity move around while learning their letters and sounds. Win-Win! I have other games planned  to mix things up later in the summer too.
  • The room changed quite a bit from last year though I am in the same classroom. For one, I borrowed a couch from the staff lounge and used it as a reading nook. The kids adored it last summer. I was unable to use it this year (partly because it wasn't in its usual spot) but I borrowed some small circular tables to place books on and use around a small rug. I think it gives the room a more homey feel despite the age of the rug! I miss the couch but for now having cute tables will have to do. 

A current concern? I have a a boy who is very negative and disrupts the dynamic of the class. He will call out  this is boringgggg (even when certain kids are clearly enjoying themselves) or proclaim that he is better then everyone else because he is older. He is the middle of three boys and I understand his need for positive attention (which I try to give as much as possible!). Any other suggestions? A book recommendation would be great. :)