Ending the School Year

Only 3 weeks left of school! I can't believe it. I am so excited to start summer school but I will definitely miss the students I work with now. Field day was on Friday and was a big success. I was worried about the 90 degree heat and the kids (and also my skin) but everything worked out well (except for a little sunburn on my chest and arms). I loved playing cheerleader on the sidelines and helping kids who didn't understand the rules of each station. I was especially proud of my student who has autism who was afraid of going down the water slide and ended up going down twice! All by himself! Apparently, last year he would not go down without his aide but with a little nudge he did fabulous.

What's next? I have been thinking about my summer school plans. I absolutely can't wait to set up my classroom. I already purchased some supplies and have last year's materials corralled into an area of my hallway ready to be moved to my classroom. I have also been busting my butt trying to find a job for the fall. Eek! Wish me luck! I can only hope that something comes up and soon. I really don't know how long I can play the waiting game.

What's on your agenda this summer?