Inexpensive Date Ideas

    • Stars on the Hood
      • Not IN the hood, ON the hood of your car, late at night, maybe with a blanket on top. 
    • Poker Night
      • Typically a party game, make it interesting by betting chores, favors or dares. One example, loser gives the winner a massage.
    • Bake-Off
      • Decide on something you both like and make 2 different recipes. Winner gets bragging rights. :) You could also both choose the same recipe but see who could make the recipe healthier but still tasty. 
    • Classic Park & Picnic
      • Cheese & crackers, wine, mini sandwiches, grapes, chocolate, and baguettes. Yum!
    What are some other inexpensive date nights?

    Back to School Two-Day Sale!!

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    Quick DIY: Crystal Light Containers

    Anyone ever play the game Kaboom? I use it with prekinders to practice their ABCs but you can use this game with math facts, number sense, etc. I took 26 popsicle sticks and wrote letters A-Z in both upper and lower case on each one. Then I grabbed two more popsicle sticks and wrote Kaboom on each. 

    The container I used is an empty Crystal Light Container. I printed a label, laminated it, and done! Easy peasy!

    To play: Kids sit in a circle, close their eyes and choose one stick. If they get a letter they would say the letter and if said correctly, they keep it. If they get Kaboom! they have to yell Kaboom and jump up! 

    What DIY's have you done recently?