What's in My Teaching Bag? Winter Edition

I try to keep it minimal. I'm currently working as a SpEd para professional so I don't need to carry around lesson plans or papers to grade. I carry the same stuff around that I would to the mall or errand that I do to work. Once I get back in the classroom as a teacher I will edit and add to my bag as necessary. Until then, here are the details:

Michael Kors Kempton Nylon Bag in Black

I keep my ID badge and Yes To Grapefruit lip butter in the front pocket for easy access. 

Aerial view.

Inside I have a pair of gloves, my wallet, a mini cosmetic bag, trail mix, Clif bar, tinted lip balm, fruit strips, Kleenex and sunglasses. 

My mini cosmetic bag holds a pen, hand sanitizer, Advil, lip butter, cough drops, Nivea hand cream and a Crystal Essence deodorant wipe. Just in case!

What do you carry in your teaching bag?