TpT Product Swap

Thanks to Jessica from Mrs. Sanford's Class for hosting a TpT Product Swap! I swapped with Lisa from Mrs. Bohaty's Kindergarten Kingdom and I cannot wait to try out her activities! Here is what I scooped up!

ABC Pancake Flip it! A fun literacy center
ABC Pancake Flip It
A super cute literacy center where kids flip over pancake letters one at a time, recite the letter and then record it on paper. Lisa also included lower case letters, and beginning sounds so that the game can be differentiated based on students' needs. I am so excited to try this game out for my literacy class that I am teaching this summer!

Gingerbread man Time to the Hour
Gingerbread Man Time to the Hour
I can't get over how adorable that gingerbread man is! Though Christmas has passed I had to snag this activity for its sheer cuteness! Activities in this product include:
  • Time to the Hour Memory
  • Where's Gingie's Home? Pocket Chart Game
  • Time to the Hour Cut and Glue
  • Time to the Hour - Make a Clock
  • Time to the Hour - Bingo!

A big thank you to Jessica for hosting and Lisa for participating in the swap and trading with me these adorable activities. If anything, it just got me that much more excited to finally get a classroom of my own so that I can put these activities to good use!

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