Automate Your Online Life

Wouldn't it be nice if we could schedule the tedious and plan everything weeks in advance? When there's a will, there's a way:
  1. Schedule your posts: If you are on blogger see Post Settings, hit Schedule, and set date and time. 
  2. Schedule your Pins: Use Pingraphy to schedule pins at times when the most people will see them. This is also handy if you are a "Pin Dumper" because it is an easy way to spread out your pins!
  3. Automate your finances: Most banks have direct deposit and automatic bill pay. Take advantage of these features and save yourself a trip to the bank as well as money for a stamp!
  4. Streamline your E-Mails: Take 5 minutes to unsubscribe from select e-mails on your social media. Go to each website, click on settings and be selective about what you are willing to sacrifice a minute of your life reading and deleting every day. Here's an example of my inbox:
    1. Pinterest: E-mails when someone comments on a pin or invites me to a group board. 
    2. Twitter: E-mails when I get a Tweet Reply or I am sent a direct message.
    3. Facebook: None. I check my notifications when I log in.
By choosing to opt out of less important e-mails, I can focus more on the ones that matter: Family, friends, and my blog readers. :) Further, by automating posts, pins, and my finances I make more time for offline interactions!

What do you do to make your online life easier?

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