WDIW: Mask of Self, Then Mask of Teacher

We Deserve it Wednesdays: Putting yourself first ideas to build, encourage and radiate self-worth. Maybelline is right..it's because we're worth it.

There is a common tip/scenario that has always stuck with me: In the event of an emergency on an airplane we are instructed to put our masks on first before helping others. This makes sense because we cannot help others if in the process we lose our own breath, right? Well, take this into consideration when teaching or living in general.

Puting yourself first is what your health and happiness depends on. I truly believe that it is selfless to be "selfish" constantly. Selfish is in quotes because how can it be selfish when you are just taking care of yourself? Painting your nails, taking an exercise class, reading a good book, buying a lipstick to brighten your day- those are not indulgences, those are necessary indulgences. They benefit everyone because the happier you are, the happier the people around you will be. And who doesn't want to live in a happier place? Of course, the examples I gave are subjective and are merely suggestions of my necessary indulgences. What are yours? How can you better yourself by taking time for you?

Moreover, what do you need right now? Is it more time with girlfriends, more "me" time, more romance? Whatever it is, make a conscious effort to speak up, reach out, or take what it is you need to be happy and healthy. I personally LOVE me time but do realize that I could benefit from balancing "me" time, with friend time with dating and family time.

And if you still feel guilty or feel your wants aren't necessary right now then how about this. Your students, family, and friends, want to be around a happy person. Your students want you to be rested, well-fed, and smiling. If you took TEN, just ten minutes to take a fragrant, colorful (hello Lush bath bombs), bubble bath with a little music on to block out the rest of the world for just ten minutes- how good would that feel? And once you stepped back out into the world again, would you be calmer, nicer, happier and more productive? If you really let the water wash over you, took deep breaths to enjoy the beautiful fragrance and focused on the relaxing music, I think you would.

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