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Today I want to share Smart Apps for Kids, a website that posts reviews and links to free and discounted apps for kids. I have downloaded over 80 educational apps since I first "liked" their page on Facebook, ALL free, and cannot speak highly enough of them. I am not affiliated with them, merely a fan of useful freebies!

I recommend liking them on Facebook, and periodically checking out their posts for Apps that relate to the grade you teach/want to teach. They do give great reviews as parents(I'm unsure if any of the owners are educators) but as a teacher, I like to download the apps I'm interested in and then play a round or two. If I love it, I keep it and share with students, if I'm not IN LOVE I will delete it because there are just way too many free educational apps for me to keep mediocre ones around. I like the apps that are free of advertisements and I know that the creators try to post the majority of the free apps that way.

Once I've downloaded a few, tried them out, and have given them my stamp of approval, I will go into iTunes again and organize them. For example, all audio books with be categorized together, math games, etc. The way I do this is drag one app on top of another and then type in the corresponding label.

A few favorites thus far: MyABC (Lite), Spelling Magic, JirboMatch, and the math games by McGrawHill.

Hope this helps,

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