Polka Dot Flash Cards Freebie

How do you spell orange? How do you spell November? How do you spell... Yeah, If I had a quarter for every time... So I created a bunch of cute polka dot flash cards so that if a kid wants to know how to spell something that we haven't learned yet I can just direct them to the flash cards. Animals, months of the year, colors, days of the week and family members are all included in this freebie. I suggest laminating them, hole punching the corner and storing them on a ring with like topics. For example, all animals would go on one ring to make it easier for students to find what they are looking for independently. 

Click Here to check out the Polka Dot Flash Card Freebie. :)

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  1. It is a great method ! I really agree with you that using flashcard is good for kids. My son has been using Superflashcard app. With its well - organized and great database, he pratices with many topics every day. After 2 months, I realize that he makes fast progress for remembering words, pictures and so on.