Off-Duty Book Organization & Storage

I like to have books in a constant rotation so that each book gets the recognition it deserves.  I want kids to be able to see and enjoy specific books at certain time. Obviously, holiday books will only be brought out around the holidays but think about theme books that correspond with your curriculum as well. I want kids to develop favorites while also discovering new books. To do this, I will always have a collection of books that are available to read and some that are "off-duty." Off-duty books need to be not only stored somewhat out of sight but organized so that I can easily work them back into the rotation. 

For picture books I used file folder organizers (which can be purchased at Staples, Target, Ikea, etc) and my amazing label maker to create labels such as: Read Aloud Books, Animal Books, Favorite Authors, Seasonal/Holiday Books, Favorite Characters, and Easy Readers. I then added shapes cut-out from construction paper and inserted them into the label pockets already provided for me. 

The piece de la resistance is on the reverse: 
I'm not into the cluttered looking classroom so when my bookshelf feels visually overwhelming, I will keep the file folders reversed so that the books and pictures do not show. When I want kids to help me find a book or switch out books, all I need to do is reverse the folders so that they can use the picture clues to help them find what they are looking for. 

I am always on the lookout for book organization strategies. How do you store & organize your off-duty books?

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