How To: Promote Your Blog

  1. Pinterest: I'm sure this has been rubbed in your face but it truly is an invaluable tool and my top source of incoming traffic. I recommend posting around 8 or 9pm or between 2 and 4pm during the week. Saturday mornings are also a popular time. Make your life easier and sign up with Pingraphy. It is an easy way to schedule your pins and it's free. 
  2. Build Relationships: with fellow bloggers in your niche. Whether you are a teacher, knitter, techie or substitute chances are there are loads more bloggers just like you. Find their blogs and comment. Strike up conversations, join them on social media- if it's meant to be you may just meet your new best friend and/or a new blog follower. 
  3. Take Turns: Reach out to other bloggers and take turns writing guest posts for each other or blogging about each others TeacherspayTeachers products. It's a win-win for both parties because your subscribers may find a new blog to follow and vice versa. 
  4. Facebook & Twitter: It is helpful to at least have one of the two. Use this as another way of reaching out to others and start by sharing your most popular posts. Be sure to retweet or Facebook other bloggers' posts as well. It is nice to recognize others and the favor just may be reciprocated. 

How do you get your blog noticed?

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