Where the Heck is My Job?

When I chose was forced to become an adult I had this idea in my head that upon graduation I would fall into a beautiful serious relationship, start teaching kindergarten (or 1st grade, I’m not picky) and then, when we were both financially stable and madly in love, get engaged and start planning our wedding. Fast forward 3 years and I’m struggling to pay off my car loan, living at home, buried in job apps, on an anti-depressant and struggling to find my identity in this world. Eh.

I’ve counted my blessings, I am lucky to have supportive parents who will let me live with them and yada yada yada. But, don’t I get at least something that is supposed to happen in my 20’s? Ok the economy sucks I can’t have my dream job- give me a great guy. Or give me a great income. I’m not that choosy. Gimme something!

I didn’t think that becoming a teacher would be this difficult. I got a good education, lots of experience working and volunteering with kids, great reviews from my co-workers and supervisors…I just always thought that getting a teaching job would be easier than say being a doctor despite the economy. Or a lawyer or some other job that ends up paying a lot. My field is helping children! Our future! Don’t you want to invest in a talented and stunning teacher??? I’m right here! My hand is raised! Pick me! 

I would love to hear your story. What was the life you imagined after college? How different and unexpected is it now? Where the heck is my happily ever after? And where the heck is my job?

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