Kids Yoga

I want to share my experience during Kids Yoga Teacher Training. It was such a great time for me to get away from my daily frustrations with subbing, not having my own classroom, financial worries, etc. My focus was solely on learning how to teach kids how to breathe and practice yoga. And in turn, I practiced breathing and yoga which worked miracles on my stressed out mind and body!
After completing level 1 of training, I am so excited to  put my knowledge into practice. I truly see the benefit of deep breathing and yoga poses in the classroom. Though my plan is to teach both an after school class and summer school next year which would be dedicated to yoga I think weaving in a few poses during classroom transitions would be very beneficial to stressed out or high-strung students.

Classroom Yoga Ideas:
  • Glitter jar: Have kids gather round in a circle and one at a time scoop a spoonful of colored glitter in a jar. Each scoop represents the child's worries at the moment. Homework, sibling rivalry, high expectations from parents, shaky friendships, etc. Once everyone has participated, screw on the jar lid and shake the jar. Explain to kids that as the glitter falls, so are their thoughts. Watch as your thoughts slowly dissolve to the bottom of the jar. Take a deep breath in and when you exhale, smile and sigh. 
  • Sun Salute: Have kids stand next to their desks, inhale and raise their arms up to the sky. Then, exhale and touch their toes, look up halfway and say hello to a classmate and then relax their head again. Finally, have them inhale and touch the sky, and exhale their hands by their sides. You can repeat this quick sun salute depending on time availability. 
I can't wait to start using yoga in the classroom. What are your thoughts? How would you incorporate yoga into the classroom?


  1. Hi Miss Whimsy :-)

    I am a first grade teacher and have been using yoga in my classroom the last six years. I have amazing results with the kiddies and parents! Even though the teaching curriculum doesn't allow for much free time anymore, I find time. Every morning at 10:05 we have exercise time. An exerciser goes around and choices the asanas (yoga positions) the kiddies should do. They love it! Good luck to you~

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